Sennheiser and Samsung will release a smart headset Ambeo for devices with Android OS

CEO Andreas Sennheiser Sennheiser (Andreas Sennheiser) said at a press conference IFA Global about signing a partner agreement with South Korean manufacturer Samsung Electronics.

«Together with Samsung are working on smart headset Ambeo for devices using the Android operating system, he said. — The choice of platform due to the fact that Android smartphones now dominate the market.»

The word Ambeo also hides proprietary technology three-dimensional sound that Sennheiser uses an algorithm that allows games and movies sound more realistic. As for headphones, microphones that allow you to record ambient sounds, the user hears.

«Korea is one of the most technologically developed countries in the world — added Andreas. Every trend that arises in Korea, a year or two comes to Europe.»

Sennheiser also makes no secret of its interest in the gaming industry, intending to provide new products for gamers.



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