Senior processor AMD Zen $500 will be able to resist twice more expensive Intel Core i7-6900K and the Core i7-5960X

The closer the beginning of next year, the more there online data about AMD Zen. While this is only crumbs of information, and many leaks do give a very brief presentation on new products. But the new news is already more concrete.

According to the source, the flagship CPU line SR7 will sell for $500. He will get eight cores (16 threads) and will operate at frequencies of 3.2-3.5 GHz. While supposedly performance new Zen will be able to compete with such monsters as Intel Core i7-6900K and the Core i7-5960X, which are estimated at $1000-$1100.

Line SR7, which will include an eight-core CPU, starts at $350. Six members of the line SR5 will cost $250. Contrary to previous data, the processors SR3, bearing four cores (eight threads) will cost $150, not $200.

Model SR5 and SR7 should be on the market in January, and the youngest SR3 in March. Also reported some other details of their configurations. CPU SR3 will have 2 MB cache second level and 8 MB third. TDP is 65 watts.

Processors SR5 will get 3 MB and 12 MB cache second and third level respectively. The level of energy consumption they will also be 65W. TDP senior models will reach 95 watts. They get a 4 MB cache second level and 16 MB cache in the third level.



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