Senior new laptops Apple MacBook Pro is also totally unfit for repair

Specialists iFixit got to the last of the new products Apple MacBook Pro. Recall that the 13-inch model without a Touch panel Bar and earned, respectively, thereof, two and one point for maintainability.

Senior unit with a 15-inch display despite the large size, to beat his little brother could not, and also earned a «number». As we have described in detail the features of the disassembly of the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar will not be repeated.

On the motherboard, in this case houses the Intel Core i7-6700HQ, the RAM chips Acer MT52L1G32D4PG-093, GPU AMD Radeon 1643 450, the flash memory chips Elpida (Micron) EDW4032BABG-70-F and other components.

Older fans of the laptop are larger than the Junior model. The battery capacity reaches 76 W·h

The fact that the bar Touch Bar is almost impossible to replace without damaging proved the case of the preparation of the novelties of Apple. The source speaks of the «monstrous» amount of glue.

In the end, plus and minuses compared with those of the 13-inch mobile PC. By the way, the source somehow focuses on this, but to replace the keyboard in the case of very widespread damage to the beer liquid, also will not work, as it is a part of the body.



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