Senior Intel Core i9 will be on sale in October

Recall the recent rumors pointed to the fact that the older Intel Core i9 can be on the market until next year. Others said you need to wait about six months.

According to the source, before the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Intel has provided details about the new CPU. Reportedly, these decisions will be on sale in three stages.

Before all the shelves will go the younger the CPU’s number of cores to 10 inclusive. More specifically, models up to Core i9-7900X inclusive can be purchased for 19 June.

Later in August will be a 12-core CPU Core i9-7920X, who is credited with the price of $ 2,000. As for the remaining models, they will be available in October. That is, it’s not as bad as claimed by rumors. Moreover, against this background, as it is not very hard to believe that the characteristics of these processors has not yet been determined, as stated earlier, the representative of the company. Perhaps then he was referring to the final settings, while overall Intel is clearly need to know about what frequencies will work the top of the CPU.

But regarding rumors about the need for a special version of the socket and 2066, respectively, special motherboards, the source says nothing.



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