Senior Intel Core i9 may require a special version of the socket 2066 due to power over 200 W

As it became known, not all Intel Core i9 will be available in the near future. Model number of cores from 12 to 18 may be significantly delayed. Moreover, the most representative of Intel said that for such CPU features not yet defined, so, quite possibly, the same 4.5 GHz Turbo Clock 3.0 with a maximum TDP of 165 watts from the 18-core model — the indicators are quite far from reality.

Whatever it was, Network there was one more joyless for those who want to buy such CPU news. Citing its own sources, resource BitsandChips reports that the older Core i9 processors may require new versions of the CPU socket LGA 2066.

Supposedly the current version is not designed for the TDP of over 160 W, so that the models with 14, 16 and 18 cores (perhaps 12 cores, given the previous news) will use a special version of the new processor socket. In addition, it can also be the reason that will come to market such CPU soon.

By the way, the source confirms our suspicions, saying that senior Core i9 will consume more than 200 watts of power! Regarding the timing of the occurrence of such a CPU, the source is more optimistic. He points to a period of six months.

If you look at the whole situation, it seems that Intel was forced for six months or even a year, to announce the processor, which parameters are yet to be determined, to attract additional attention to the background of the announcements of AMD. Recall that the CPU Ryzen ThreadRipper, with which he must contend models of the Core i9 is put on the market in the next couple of months.



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