Senior Intel Core i9 is the first Intel desktop CPU which will be based on the MCC crystals

Recently, we reported that Intel Skylake-X will appear on the market in three stages. Older models should be expected in October.

According to the source, Intel for nearly 10 years, uses three types of crystals to create their own CPU: LCC (Low Core Count) for processors with a small number of cores, MCC (Medium Core Count) for models with a moderate number of cores and the HCC (High Core Count) for the multi-core processors.

In particular, CPU Skylake-X with the number of cores of 14 and above will use the MCC design unlike the younger models that use crystals LCC. Informed desktop processors with crystals MCC manufacturer did not offer. This is one of the reasons why Intel needed time to prepare the flagship innovations.

In addition, the source confirms that the CPU socket LGA 2066 is designed for a TDP of 160 watts, so likely the older HEDT CPU of new generation will require a new revision of the socket and new motherboards.



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