Senior 16-core AMD processor Ryzen ThreadRipper can cost as little as $ 850

Today we already wrote about AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper when clarified their characteristics. It should be noted that the company does not disclose this data so that final conclusions should wait for official information.

As long as you can see with rumors about the price of new AMD. So, if you believe the source, which previously differed truthful information about the products AMD flagship CPU Ryzen ThreadRipper 1998X with 16 cores and support SMT will cost only $ 850!

While it is slightly hard to believe, because the model Ryzen 7 1800X at the start of sales was estimated at $ 500. When you consider that rumors are now talking about nine models Ryzen ThreadRipper, even when the step is $ 50 Junior CPU should cost $ 450.

Allegedly these prices are partly due to the fact that the new CPU cost AMD quite cheap: 110-120 dollars per processor, taking into account the production of chips, packaging and even testing process.

A few spoil the picture can expensive motherboard, but the source gives no details. Anyway, if this information is close to reality, the announcement of a monstrous CPU Intel Core i9 is not so impressive, because even the model of the Core i9-7900X with ten cores will cost $ 1,000.



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