Semiconductor market in 2016-an increase of 2.6%, but the industry leaders are mostly increased revenue stronger

Analysts at Gartner estimate that the global semiconductor market last year grew by 2.6%, to 343,5 billion. Thus, total revenue of 25 leading companies in the industry grew substantially: by 10.5%.

Leadership continues to hold Intel, although we know it may soon change. The company earned 54 billion, increasing the rate of 4.6%, and took 15.7 per cent of the market last year.

Samsung helped 40.1 billion dollars, which allowed her to take 11.7% of the market. During the year the indicator increased by 5.9%.

Closes the three leaders of Qualcomm with a share of 4.5%. The company managed to gain 15.4 billion dollars, which corresponds to a reduction by 4.1%. In addition it reduced their income only SK Hynix (10.2%) and Toshiba (6.3%). Other companies in the top ten increased sales. More than others have been able to increase revenue by Broadcom. The merger with Avago, the company increased the rate on 191,1%, to 13.2 billion dollars, which allowed her to take the fifth place ranking.


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