Self-propelled chair Nissan ProPILOT Chair automatically move in line

Using experience in the field of self-driving cars, Nissan has released a self-propelled chair ProPILOT Chair, which automatically move in line. In a similar way the system works ProPILOT installed in Nissan vehicles, and automatically dispersing and retarding the vehicle, keeping the distance to paradeigma machine.

The essence of the behavior ProPILOT chairs Chair best becomes clear from the video prepared by the manufacturer.

The appearance of chairs in stores are planned. While a set of chairs you can try the visitors to the gallery in the headquarters of the manufacturer. In addition, before the end of the year, chairs will be able to take the time to test the restaurants, and in early 2017, some restaurants will have their own sets of chairs. In any case, we are talking only about Japan.

As we reported earlier in the year, Nissan showed office chair, automatically holding his place near the table on cotton.

Source: Nissan


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