Self-driving concept car called the Volkswagen Sedric

From 9 to 19 March in Geneva will host the annual motor show. The biggest European automotive exhibition, first organized in 1905, with the breaks, this year will be 87 in a row.

Company Volkswagen plans to show at the Geneva motor show the self-driving car. The largest car manufacturer in Europe highlights the development of electric vehicles and self-driving technologies driving huge amounts of money planning to the year 2025 to produce more than 30 models of electric vehicles, including the Volkswagen model I. D. Pilot, equipped with a system of Autonomous driving.

Self-driving concept car Volkswagen, which will be shown in Geneva, called Sedric. It belongs to the category of Level 5, that is able to move completely independently. Sedric salon calculated on four passengers. One of the possible applications of the electric — work in taxi service Moia, created by Volkswagen Group in December last year.

Source: Reuters

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