Seiko re-released a watch that was made popular by Steve jobs

Last Friday, February 24, its 62nd anniversary could mark one of the founders of Apple Steve jobs (Steve Jobs), who passed away after a long illness in 2011.

A few days ago Apple reported that the conference Auditorium of 1000 seats in the new headquarters Apple Park will be named in his honor, Steve Jobs Theater.

Another application associated with the jobs, made by Seiko, which plans to re-release wrist watch Chariot. With such a timepiece on the hand of Steve jobs is depicted on the cover of the edition of Time Magazine.

Simple watch black case and strap and white dial, which contains only numbers and the logo of the company Seiko. Watch Steve jobs was sold years ago at auction for 42,5 thousand dollars.

Seiko will release two versions of the watch Chariot with a housing diameter of 33 mm. and 37.5 Batch will be very limited: 1982 watch with white dial and only 300 — black.

The watch will go on sale in Japan on March 10 at a price of about $ 180.


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