Security system Cognitive Systems Aura needs no camera

Security system Aura, which at CES 2017 the company’s Cognitive Systems, is based on the analysis of radio propagation in the room. It is able to detect signs of movement without the use of surveillance cameras.

Security system Cognitive Systems Aura consists of two small blocks, by which provided full coverage. Thanks to its neutral design, the units easily fit into the interior. According to the manufacturer, the new security system may find application in cases when the installation of cameras is impossible or undesirable.

To operate the system you need to connect to a wireless network. Found in protected area movement, Aura sends a message to the mobile device. Note, the Aura takes into account those who are usually indoors at a certain time, and not react to their presence, actuating only the abnormal changes.

Taking pre-orders have already begun at a price of $499 for the kit. The shipment, the manufacturer promises to begin on February 28.

Source: Cognitive Systems


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