Secure flash drive, Lexar JumpDrive Tough equipped with USB 3.1

Under the brand name Lexar company Toshiba introduced the flash drive JumpDrive Tough. The device complies with the specifications of USB 3.1 and has a protected execution.

Drive JumpDrive Tough it can withstand bumps and falls, exposure to high pressure and temperatures from – 25°C to 149°C, immersion depth up to 30 m. Using the bundled software EncryptStick Lite, you can secure data encryption using AES with 256-bit key.

Transfer rate in read mode up to 150 MB/s in write mode — 60 MB/sec. USB Flash drive available capacity of 32, 64 and 128 GB. The price is $20, $35 and $60 respectively.

Source: Lexar



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