Seagate promises to take threshold of 40 TB two years earlier than WD

After the company Western Digital, which reported that the technology MAMR will release HDD 40 TB on their developments aimed at increasing the density of magnetic recording, recalled Seagate.

This manufacturer is promoting alternative technology HAMR (heat-assisted magnetic recording). It to increase the density using a local heating of the media, whereas in MAMR (microwave-assisted magnetic recording) is a microwave field generated by a special generator.

According to Seagate, the progress in the development of HAMR will allow by the end of next year to create a HDD more than 20 TB. If Seagate plans come true, it would mean that the company outperformed its competitor because WD expects to release the first MAMR drives only in 2019.

First serial HDD Seagate, which uses a technology called HAMR, will have a capacity of 20 TB. The threshold of 40 TB manufacturer expects to conquer in 2023. Recall that WD is planning to release a HDD 40 TB in 2025.



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