Seagate hard drives, which will use HAMR technology will appear on the market until next year

The potential of currently used technology perpendicular magnetic recording from the viewpoint of improving storage density close to the limit. Seagate Technology told about directions that are selected for the further development of disk drives on hard magnetic disks. Efforts focused on Seagate shingled magnetic recording (SMR) two-dimensional magnetic recording (TDMR) and magnetic recording heated media (HAMR).

According to the company, the demand for HDD large capacity grows, so that after the storage capacity of 12 TB, there will be more capacious model.

Storage capacity of over 12 TB, which uses a technology called SMR should be submitted in the fourth quarter of this year or in 2018. This year it is also planned to release HDD TDMR, however, their volume manufacturer does not name. It is known that the development is a model with 18 TB volume, but it will appear on the market in 2018. The first HAMR drive will be released no sooner than 2018. It will be characterized by storage density of 5 Tbit/square inch and a volume of 16 TB.

Source: CDR info



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