Seagate calls the SkyHawk AI of the first hard disk for video surveillance systems with artificial intelligence

Seagate Technology has introduced the disk drive on hard magnetic disks SkyHawk AI. According to the manufacturer, this is the first HDD, «designed specifically for video surveillance systems with artificial intelligence» (AI).

The advantages of the SkyHawk AI related high throughput and productivity, allowing to cope with heavy loads with the systems with simultaneous recording and analysis of streams from multiple cameras in high definition.

According to analysts, the market of equipment for video surveillance systems in the coming years will continue to grow rapidly. This will increase the role of AI, particularly applications in deep learning, which is used for face recognition and behavioural disorders.

As stated, the AI SkyHawk drives are ideal for these tasks. Drives size 3.5 inches with a volume of 8 and 10 TB is designed to record up to 550 TB per year. Their performance enough to record up to 64 threads simultaneously. Drives equipped with interface SATA 6 GB/s and 256 MB cache memory.

Delivery SkyHawk AI has already begun. The manufacturer provides a new HDD a five-year warranty. Price ST8000VE0004 8 GB is $350, model ST10000VE0004 volume 10 TB — $450.



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