Seagate and SK Hynix will create a joint venture for the production enterprise SSD

According to the source, Seagate and SK Hynix intend to create a joint venture that will develop SSDs for the enterprise market, servers, and data centers.

The cooperation should create a new player in the enterprise SSD market, where now the ball is ruled by Samsung and Intel. The device will be based on flash memory Hynix and controller Link A Media Devices (LAMD), which is also owned by semiconductor giant.

The source believes that Seagate and WD are guided by Hynix and SanDisk, which combined the development in the segments of HDD and SSD. However, in that case, WD just bought a SanDisk, so to directly compare a situation not entirely correct. Incidentally, WD recently released its first solid state drives with SATA interface.

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