Scotland expects to stop the sale of diesel and gasoline vehicles by 2032

Among the countries that marked the date of the end of sales of cars with internal combustion engines, has added Scotland.

In this country expect to cease sales of diesel and gasoline vehicles by 2032, ahead of Britain and France, which called the period of termination of sales of these vehicles 2040.

To achieve this goal it is planned to develop the infrastructure necessary for the comfortable use of electric vehicles and promote vehicles that run on electricity — as in the private sector, and among carriers. One of the points of the plan is the conversion of the most long country road — the A9 — in «electric highway» all the way equipped with charging stations for electric cars. It is expected, as the implementation of the plan demand for machines with internal combustion engines will be reduced. Although a formal ban on sales to enter is not planned, according to the calculations of authors of the project, by 2032 they will be able to gently displace diesel and gasoline vehicles from the market.

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