Scopis has provided a platform for glasses Microsoft HoloLens during operations on the spine

The company is engaged in Scopis, in particular, the development of medical software, using augmented reality technology. Last week Scopis introduced Holographic Navigation Platform for carrying out of surgical operations with the use of glasses HoloLens.

The first reports on the use of HoloLens in spine surgery came in February of this year. Platform Holographic Navigation Platform, presents Scopis designed specifically for such operations.

During operations, the surgeon sees the augmented reality features that suggest, for example, the most accurate place to install titanium screws in transpedicular fixation of the spine, the place of incisions, and other data. As a result the operation is faster, also increases the precision of a surgeon.

For patients, the technology can reduce the amount of radiation during an x-ray of the spine, moreover, in less traumatic operations, the recovery is faster.



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