Scientists have turned a Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone into a portable DNA sequencer

At the time, the smartphone Nokia Lumia 1020 was amazed not only in appearance but also a great camera. Even now, the camera of this device is able to compete with many smartphones upper price category. But the Windows Phone to compete with no one can and generally leaves the consumer market.

Scientists at the University of California, Stockholm University and Uppsala University came up with how to use outstanding quality legacy in many ways the mobile device. They made it compact mobile DNA sequencer and molecular analyzer!

First, let’s say that turning the smartphone into a scientific instrument had to invest about $ 500 to print on a 3D printer, a special frame. Of course, you also need special software that deals with converting received data into a desired form.

In General, it is sufficient to positioned in front of the lens tissue sample and due to the different optical filters and a 41-megapixel camera smartphone, the self-made device able to act as a scientific and medical tool.

The creators of the device say that the Lumia 1020, of course, has certain advantages over many smartphones, but this device can be assembled on the basis of any apparatus.



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