Scientists have created a new type of batteries that will enable electric vehicles to accelerate faster

Most of the research related to the batteries, aimed at increasing capacity while maintaining the dimensions and reduce the time of charging. Teaching University of North Carolina set out to improve the efficiency of the battery.

They have created a new material called crystalline hydrate of tungsten oxide. It uses water layers with a thickness of one atom, which allow to accelerate the transfer of energy.

Theoretically, such a material will allow to create batteries that have high energy density and very fast moving ions. Water layers also allow you to store energy more efficiently and allocate less heat.

Scientists believe that the battery created using this technology will find application in various industries: from electronics to the automotive industry. If we talk about electric cars, the new battery will allow them to accelerate even faster.

At this stage the technology is fairly crude, and its effectiveness is shown only when charging the battery for short periods of time. When charging for at least 10 minutes conventional tungsten oxide is more effective and allows you to gain more energy.


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