Scientists have created a compact tester of the HIV virus which connects to a PC

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is one of the most feared diseases of our time. Only in recent years scientists have managed to create drugs that can really defeat the virus, but so far only under certain conditions.

Experts from Imperial College London are also working on HIV, but in a different way. They have created a compact device format the flash drive, which is able to act as a tester, that is, to determine the presence of virus in the blood.

Captured in the photo, the tester is disposable. A drop of blood and 20-30 minutes is enough to know the result. For comparison, the average duration of HIV tests in clinics is about three days, due to the need to deliver blood samples to the lab. It should be noted that the device is not in vain, like a flash drive — it really must be connected to a PC. More precisely, the tester should any electronic device with appropriate software that will show the result, so that such devices can be made compatible with smartphones. The principle of action in General terms is simple. If the virus is present in blood, it causes a change the acidity level, which is fixed by the tester is converted into an electrical signal and transmitted to a PC. Tester accuracy reaches 95%.

The device in the first place created not for man first tested for HIV. It is more appropriate for tracking progress of treatment of an infected person. This will help doctors to remotely monitor patients. Besides, scientists intend to use their own experience to create such testers focused on determining whether other types of viruses in the blood.


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