Schott showed ultra-slim flexible protective glass

German company Schott AG has brought to the exhibition C-Touch & Display 2016 on technologies of touch screens, which was recently held in China, ultra-thin protective glass. These glasses are designed for protection of displays, lenses and fingerprint sensors in mobile devices.

Protective Schott glass AS 87 eco produced with a thickness of 70 µm to 350 µm. It has the Vickers hardness of 550 HV. In the wavelength range 300-2700 nm, the light transmittance of the glass exceeds 90%. The glass is so flexible that the sheet of minimum thickness can be bended in radius of 3 mm.

Schott glass AS 87 eco is mass-produced. According to the source, he chose to protect fingerprint sensors in their smartphones, leading Chinese manufacturers.

Sources: Digitimes, Schott


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