School uniforms for Teens

School uniform – a mandatory attribute of the modern educational process. Most of the day the child spends in school and it is important that at the Desk he looked stylish and fashionable.

Choose a school uniform for teenagers is more complicated than for first graders. Teenagers have their own opinion about a really stylish school uniform. The task of parents is to listen to your child and to find a middle ground between style and practicality.

School uniforms for Teens: Fashion colors

With the transition in middle and high school becomes optional wearing of the same shape the whole class. Students can choose the style and color of school uniforms, what they like. The main thing that it corresponded to the ideas of the classical school uniform.

School uniforms in the English style 2018

England was one of the first countries to introduce the compulsory wearing of school uniform in all schools.

Over time, the traditional form in blue tones changed to other colors, invent new styles, but the main focus, which is present in all of the English students is a classic, simple style.

The modern English form is often done in a cage. Such coloring is also called «tartan».

The cell can be of different colors – Burgundy and blue, beige and grey, etc.

Trust me, Teens will love this shape, which differs significantly from the usual solid.

Fashion colors school uniform 2018

Traditionally, the colors of the school uniform as calm as possible, don’t irritate the eyes. Most parents choose their children’s form in a gray or black color.

These kits look very harmonious and not distracting the child with bright shades. Form in black and grey is quite right to exist, if the colors of the school uniform is strictly regulated by the administration of the institution.


But if parents give the right to an independent choice of color uniforms to put the teenager in a more cheerful tone.

Effectively, but at the same time look kits from Burgundy, dark green and blue.

If it is correct to match it with a blouse or a shirt, you will get an unusual kit that will allow your child to stand out from the rest.

The choice of these colors is not random, each of them has a positive effect on the psyche of the child, helping in the learning process.

For example, muted blue and green shades reinforce the mental activity of the child, and the Burgundy color makes it more disciplined and confident.

School uniform for teenage girls 2018

Selection of school uniforms for girls, especially for a teenager, a real headache for parents. In this age they are trying to Express their individuality first and foremost, this applies to school uniforms.

Today, manufacturers offer several sets that may consist of: a sundress, pencil skirt, pleated bottom skirt, vest, coat, jacket, dress, pants.

The school usually loyal to the appearance of the high school, so the styles and colors of school kits can be very diverse.

The classic version of the school uniform for teenage girls – set of straight trousers, vest and white blouse. The vest can be changed on the jacket and straight pants for a skirt-a Tulip or pencil skirt. Such a form suits both parents and teachers.

Trend school-season 2017-2018 – school monochrome dress with collar.

Length – just above knee length, formal styling and traditional colors – the look is quietly but very effectively.

You can dream up above the collar, for example, to sew a Lacy collar that covers the shoulders and chest, or make fluffy collar-frill.

If the school gives more freedom in choosing school uniforms you can refer to fashion trends in a casual style, so any young girls.

For a school set in the urban style, you can choose pants skins, cropped culottes, flared trousers. Instead of the classic blouse with stand-up collar choose a lace blouse with a turtleneck or even a white t-shirt Polo.

Traditional tailored jackets to change to a solid color oversize cardigans or knit jackets casual.

School uniform for teenage boys 2018

With the choice of uniforms for the boy, things are much easier. To come up with something radically new and extravagant in school the boy is very difficult, but we offer you several variants of school uniform, which will be radically different from the familiar forms and styles.

A standard set of school uniform boy includes white shirt, pants, vest and jacket.

For a student of a teenage designers offer original models of trousers and jackets, designed to highlight your child and add a touch of personality to his image.

In the trend of skinny pants that fit perfectly at school.

Styles of jackets are also varied – it can be short jackets reaching to the hips or stylish jackets with ¾ sleeves.

For everyday school everyday the jacket can be replaced by solid cardigan oversize.

The increasingly popular trend 2018 uniforms for boys school shorts which are very popular in the English school uniform. Solid color shorts in dark colors is very relevant for the warm time of year, look unusual, but very stylish.

But how would your child want to be fashionable and stylish, buy a classic suit with straight trousers and a jacket is still necessary. This is a practical and versatile garment that is indispensable for a solemn ruler or school activities.

Another way to diversify the school image is a shirt. Usually a school shirt made in bright colors – white, blue, pink, but if the school rules permit, it is possible to choose a more colorful and stylish shirts.

Fashion plaid shirts (all the same as the English style), and shirts of Mao, which combine direct urban style and severity of school uniforms.

Choosing a school uniform for teenagers, remember that it must be not only beautiful and fashionable, but also comfortable. Pay attention to the material from which made the school kit, be careful to not use synthetic fabrics.

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