School uniform for girls: trends 2018

In the new academic year school uniform for girls will differ democratic character. At the moment a single standard for this type of clothing does not exist. So the shape is selected proceeding from own taste of parents and children or by the school’s Board and administration.

As girls from an early age begin to follow the fashion and to Express their wishes concerning her wardrobe, you must consider their opinions and to ensure that new clothes they liked. If this does not happen, the child may experience discomfort when you visit the school, which would entail an unwillingness to learn.

Criteria for selection of school uniforms in season 2017-2018

Original purpose of the standard clothes in educational institutions is to minimize all possible distractions related to appearance. The problem is solved by selecting the appropriate cut and colors. This approach will make the child to get used to the need to wear clothes appropriate to the occasion. This is a mandatory skill for future business ladies and office ladies.

Clothing for school should be comfortable. If the child can easily sit, jump and extend their hands in a new form, without discomfort, is its size. Comfort also impact the quality of the fabric. It should be moderately tight, but breathable. Under these conditions, a girl will be able to understand science without being distracted by your clothes.

If the form is selected for a representative elementary classes, then you must make sure that he can undress and dress. For this you should choose the clothes with minimal buttons and other fasteners.

Choice of styles

If a few decades ago, girls didn’t have much choice with the identical dresses and school aprons, the modern fashion industry gives students a broad range of styles, patterns, shades and prints.

Kits for a change

The basic things in sets of uniforms are skirts, tunics, jackets, vests, pants. Is to move away from the rules of the «black bottom, white top» and try to create some extra clothes from the basics.

Skirt can be shortened with a little flare. The charm of the model will give a pleating or ruffle. Skirt length should be moderately short, as calling the mini does not correspond with the image of a diligent pupil. To insist on the excessive length also is not necessary. The fashion for long skirts among girls remained in the nineteenth century. The girl in Maxi will cause more ridicule than the encouragement of their peers. Knee length is the best option for a first grader and for high school. The question of length is to consult with the child and use a mirror.

Creating ready-made kits, designers rely on practicality of the outfit. Extra decorative elements are excluded. The silhouettes are simple and concise. Emphasizing the restraint of the image, you can make it stylish, as the modesty is the main characteristic of the business outfit.

Stand out from the crowd of monotonous outfits, choosing a kit with one or two decorative elements of a small size. It can be decorative stitching bright colors or a particular shape of the sleeves and collar. Impressive looking stripe, classifies a student to a particular school. These elements will provide a sort of uniqueness to the costume, keeping the overall model shape.

School uniform does not deny the availability of accessories. Choosing a girl the right jewelry can help her to form good taste in the early stages of development. To help in the selection of school attire can legislation of Russia. It clearly spelled out the criteria which must comply with the school uniform.

When you purchase this product, remember that the form can be a casual and festive. For example, for everyday wear a skirt to wear with white Golf, and on a holiday it is replaced with an elegant blouse. Looks perfectly festive ensemble with a vest and a jacket that the girl will not have to wear every day.

The presence of the jacket in the set bears a practical significance. In addition, it allows the school to look strict and tight, the jacket can be used as a outerwear and warm the baby on cold days. The same goes for shaped trousers. Their presence in the women’s sets may seem excessive, but frosty in winter, they will be the salvation.

Fashion styles from manufacturers

In the top among the cropped jackets will be the model fitted with small lapels. Supplement product can, and patch pockets with a discreet finish. In the new year are fundamentally the lack of feminine decorative elements. On the jacket should not be ruffles, Ruche and ribbons. Additional relief is allowed only in case of use of special knitwear for machine knitting.

The trend will once again be tunics and dresses medium and short length. Classic shaped dresses will become very popular. Flared skirts can be provided to small simple folds. This is enough to make the outfit original.

Blouses for the new season allow some more freedom in terms of design. You can safely choose a model with an oversized collar and even decorate it with bow and ruffle. Under blouse with cropped collar, you can wear a turtleneck. It is important for the cold season. Finished image is simply a simple sundress.

Prints and colors

Despite the strict color limitations, still has wide choice of prints and shades. Will be relevant as a solid product, and geometric patterns. In the top of shades of deep blue, Burgundy, color rotten cherry, dark green, gray and blue-gray. These colors for many years presented in a wide variety of specialty shops.

The cell in the top


For many years the authors of the collections of school uniforms are offered to choose the clothes with plaid print. There are many varieties of this pattern: «Caledonia», «black Watch», «Dress Campbell», «Burberry», «Dress Gordon, Royal Stewart.» Each of them is attractive and deserves attention. Outfit, where a plain fabric combined with a cage in tone will be flawless.

The choice of outfits for girls is quite wide. Analyzing it, it’s easy to choose a stylish and comfortable set for girls of any age. It is important to observe the above rules and to listen to opinion of the future mistress of the new school uniform.

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