Schneider Electric has released Galaxy VX UPS for data centers and industrial use

Schneider Electric announced the completion of the line UPS series V Galaxy models Galaxy VX with a capacity of 1000, 1250 and 1500 kW.

Galaxy VX is a highly efficient and easily scalable solution for uninterruptible power supply, designed for large data centers and industrial applications. The model received a four-level inverter and the power-saving mode ECOnversion that reduce operating costs. In addition, these technologies allow to obtain an efficiency of over 96% in normal mode (dual conversion) and more than 99% in ECOnversion mode in a wide range of power loads.

Building fault-tolerant systems with N+1 redundancy is possible on the basis of the built in redundancy if you need capacity more than 1500 kW it is possible to use parallel connection of several systems.

These UPS supports input voltage up to 600 V, can work for a long time, preserving all their settings at temperatures up to +40°C inclusive. Powerful charger can provide a quick charging battery that is most relevant for modern solutions built using lithium-ion technology. Besides them, the UPS maintains the traditional lead-acid batteries and solutions based on flywheels.

UPS Galaxy VX differ by large color LCD display with support for Russian language, choice of ways of cable entry (top/bottom) without any additional accessories and free load testing without connecting the actual load (the SPoT).


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