Scanner ASML 3400B designed for mass production of semiconductor production using EUV

In the final today at the San Jose conference SPIE Advanced Lithography company ASML introduced the scanner NXE:3400B, designed for mass production of semiconductor products using lithography in the hard ultraviolet range (EUV).

Delivery NXE:3400B begin this week. This is the first EUV-ASML scanner, suitable for mass production, because its design capacity is 125 plates per hour. So far, however, managed to get a score of 104 plates per hour, is used as a radiation source with a power of 148 watts. However, the manufacturer expects to increase power to 210 W, which will enable us to reach a defined level. And although the performance of 125 wafers per hour is considered necessary 250 watts of power, the designers managed to find another reserve — increasing the speed of manipulation of the plates inside the machine.

The lack of radiation sources of high power prevents the development of EUV, so this technology is at least three times behind immersion lithography throughput equipment. However, EUV is more promising from the point of view of the transition to finer process technology standards. The mass introduction of EUV production is expected by 2020. While worldwide there are only 14 such systems.

Source: CDR info, ASML


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