Sapphire screen protection HTC U Ultra Sapphire Edition was not an advertising ploy

As you know, HTC U Ultra was far from the most durable smartphone. Although contact with the most everyday items will be held for the protective glass of the display completely, the materials with a Mohs ‘ hardness of more than six will leave scratches on it. For those wishing to have a device with a screen which is much more difficult to scratch, the manufacturer has released a variety the U HTC Sapphire Ultra Edition.

One of the authors of the channel jerryrigeverything once undertook to see how good the sapphire screen protection HTC Sapphire U Ultra Edition. For comparison, the test was also subject to hybrid protective film for $50 and Tissot watches with sapphire crystal protecting the dial.

The test showed that the protective film before graze already the subject of a material with a hardness of 3 on Mohs ‘ scale, that is, it can be scratched with keys or jewelry.

Tissot watches and the HTC U Ultra Sapphire Edition was much more resistant to scratches. Mark the 6 and 7 on the Mohs scale, which seems to most smartphones, was passed without difficulty. At 8, became visible light traces, and only a tip with a hardness of 9 can leave scratches.

The source concludes that the sapphire screen protection HTC Sapphire U Ultra Edition is not a gimmick. It remains to add that camera with sapphire and 128 GB of flash memory costs 849 euros, while the same configuration with Gorilla glass 5 cost to the buyer in 699 euros.

Source: GSM Arena



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