Sapphire offers five models of 3D-cards Radeon RX Mining Edition mining cryptocurrency

We recently wrote about the cards GPU Mining Card P106-100, which Nvidia partners are ready to exit. Without fanfare, now you can order similar cards of Sapphire. More precisely, the pre-order.

Sapphire offers five models of the Radeon RX Mining Edition. Four based on the Radeon RX 470 and one Radeon RX 560. The differences lie in the amount of memory and performance.

Anyway, for Radeon RX 560 Mining Edition with 4 GB of memory asking 170 pounds. This card has a capacity of 12-15 of megahexe per second and has one DVI port.

Adapters Radeon RX 470 mining Edition 250-300 pounds depending on the modification. Their performance has already reached 24-28 of megahexe per second.

As you can see, unfortunately, about any lower prices out of the question. This is probably due to the absence of the sale of game cards.

Radeon RX 470


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