Sapphire glass in smart watches Apple Watch Edition Series 3 was not harder than normal

A well-known blogger jerryrigeverything once got to smart hours Apple Watch Edition Series 3, which cost $ 1300-1350.

This version features a ceramic case and a sapphire glass covering the display. At least it says so on the website of the company.

This time is known tormentor of smartphones decided not to just put the device a number of tests, but to test the sincerity of Apple. More precisely, it had to be done because glass was scratched by a material with a hardness of 6 on Mohs scale. That is, behaved exactly the same way as is ordinary glass Gorilla Glass.

Sapphire crystal can be scratched only by materials with a hardness of at least 8 on the Mohs scale, that has been repeatedly proven by experiments on the relevant devices. You would think that Apple is blatantly lying to its customers, but it is not so. By tool Diamond Selector II, the principle of which is based on measurement of thermal conductivity, able to understand that the sapphire glass is indeed present, but the resulting material apparently contains too much impurities because of which it is the main in this case, the property deteriorates. Why Apple uses such material, if normal safety glass provides exactly the same strength, is unclear. Thus, if to judge by the actual data, Apple does not cheat the buyer. However, seeing the inscription «sapphire glass», the buyer expects more of his hardness, and this is something new Apple does not provide.



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