SanDisk SSD Ultrastar SS300 made up of resource record in 59 petabytes

Are the SanDisk enterprise SSD series Ultrastar SS300, designed for use in systems for video production, corporate centers of data storage and processing and other areas requiring high performance and fault tolerance. According to these parameters, the new series is significantly superior to the previous SS200 emerged recently.

All disks of the SanDisk Ultrastar SS300 enclosed in body size 2.5 inches height of 15 mm and equipped with SAS interface 12 GB/s, but then the differences begin. Type of controller being used did not disclose the manufacturer, but the series has drives with flash memory MLC 3D and 3D TLC, first win on the stated performance and resource records. For all models an indicator of the average failure rate (Annualized Failure Rate) is 0.35%, different versions of the average power consumption is kept under 9, 11 or 14 watts.

Models with memory MLC is available in volumes from 400 GB to 3.2 TB, the online daily complete rewrite in the next five years is 3 or 10, depending on capacity expressed in the resource record from 2 to 59 PB. Sequential read and write performance reaches 2050 and 2100 MB/s respectively, while random access to blocks 400 thousand and 200 thousand IOPS, respectively.

Drives with TLC memory win to the extent of such modifications ranges from 480 GB to 7.68 TB. Resource daily full overwrite them much lower, only 0.5 or 1, and complete resource records from 0.9 to 14 IB. Sequential read performance is still kept at around 2100 MB/s, but recorded falls up to 1250 MB/s When accessing random blocks, the situation is similar: up to 400 thousand and 120 thousand IOPS, respectively. The warranty is valid for five years, but before exhaustion of the resource record.



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