Samsung will show a new system of «Internet of things in the building» (b.IoT) 18 Oct

Samsung Electronics has announced a system of Internet of things, which will use artificial intelligence for more effective management of industrial buildings.

Sources report that the South Korean giant will show a new system at its headquarters in Seoul on 18 October this year. It will be called the system of «Internet of things in the building» (Building Internet if Thins, b.IoT).

The system will automatically manage the heating, air conditioning and lighting of office and industrial buildings, using specified person parameters, as well as signals from various sensors.

For example, a computer system may include heating a few hours before employees arrive, and also to turn off the electricity in those areas which are currently not used. Thus should increase overall efficiency and ease of use of these buildings and to decrease the cost of their service.

Samsung said that initially the Internet of things used in smart homes, but now there is a big demand for such solutions for the industrial segment.



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