Samsung will give cheap smartphones in India support service, Samsung Pay in an unusual way

Samsung last year promised to gradually introduce fingerprint scanners and support payment service Samsung Pay in a more affordable smartphone models. At the moment the available devices that support the latter are the models of Galaxy C, but they are not in all markets.

We can assume that the Galaxy J will be a new generation to support the payment service, but it is not known when they will appear. The source reports that the Korean giant is very unusual decided to check whether it makes sense to support Samsung Pay in low-cost smartphones for the buyers thereof.

The company released a few games budget and mainstream smartphones for the Indian market that support Samsung Pay, whereas originally these models that do not have support. This is not a new modification, and the same smartphone, but with additional functionality. Such devices are even deprived of fingerprint scanners, so that consumers who wish to use the payment service will use PIN codes. Probably talking about the Galaxy J models of the current generation.

The source claims that Samsung will evaluate the results of this experiment to test, whether to repeat it in other markets.



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