Samsung will enter the market of smart speaker systems with the device based on the voice assistant Bixby

Last year, Amazon has sold over 5 million smart acoustic systems of family Echo. In fact, the company created this market and it is still the leader.

After a considerable period of time, other companies realized the potential of this segment and started to offer their version of such devices. Recently joined Apple, announced the HomePod device. However, it is primarily marketed as audio, and then in the form of home assistant.

We also know that shortly should come out smart as Harman Kardon Invoke with support for Cortana. Now it is reported that Samsung wants to join the race.

The source said that Samsung intends to use your voice assistant Bixby to build the smart AC. Unfortunately, no details about it at all. One can only assume that the Korean giant uses technology owned by her company Harman to give your device quality sound.



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