Samsung will develop a specialized ASIC for Tesla

According to the source, the company Samsung Electronics yesterday signed a contract with Tesla Motors regarding the development and production of certain ASIC, to be used in the systems that are responsible for the function of the autopilot in the Tesla cars.

This is a long term project that will require about three years to develop the necessary solutions not to mention their implementation. Of course, no details yet, but the deal had an additional impact on Samsung.

She reportedly pushed the company all-taki will decide to split units System LSI Division into two parts. One will be responsible directly for developing semiconductor solutions, and another for production. This will be done in order to provide our clients with maximum security with regards to their privacy. After all, Samsung itself is actively engaged in the automobile segment and now, for example, is working on its own single-chip system for vehicles, which will deal with functions of self-driving. According to rumors, for the first time this SoC will be used in the Audi cars 2019 model year.



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