Samsung will create a Fund with a capital of $ 1 billion for the acquisition of companies engaged in artificial intelligence technologies

Samsung Electronics, according to a source, intends to create a Fund with a capital of $ 1 billion, which will deal with the acquisition of various companies operating in the field of artificial intelligence, or their shares.

Now many large companies of the IT market tend to invest in technologies associated with AI, so a new Fund Samsung — it is a logical step. We will remind, last year the Korean giant acquired the company, Viv Labs, which was developing a virtual assistant the new generation.

Also in the report, devoted to the creation of the Fund, provided that Samsung can not repeat the mistake made many years ago. Many do not know it, but back in 2005, the company Android offered Samsung to invest in the same operating system. At that time it was only a draft and the Samsung did not see in it prospects. But I saw Google founders, who just a couple of weeks after the negative response, Samsung bought Android and in the end gave the world most popular mobile operating system.



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