Samsung will be releasing more tablets and laptops with AMOLED panels

According to the source, Samsung intends to actively use AMOLED panels in their tablets. At the moment these screens can be found only in flagship devices, although in the smartphone segment Samsung has long fits panels with organic LEDs, even low cost devices.

This year is expected to increase the number of Samsung tablets with AMOLED panels, and laptops with such screens. In the future, the company may transfer all of its tablets at such displays.

Due to the gradual decrease in the production of LCD screens of the corresponding sizes, Samsung will begin to reduce shipments of such products from Apple, which uses it for iPad.

In particular, in the first quarter of last year, Samsung put the Apple 20 million panels for tablets, whereas in the current quarter will provide only 600,000 units, that is 3% from last year’s volume.

In addition, it talks about the intention of Apple to use OLED screens for the iPad. Now supercinski giant allegedly conducts the appropriate tests.



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