Samsung unveiled the QLED TV series Q9, Q8 and Q7

To CES 2017, Samsung has timed the release of the TV series Q9, Q8 and Q7, which uses a technology called QLED. According to the manufacturer, in 2017 «will begin the era of QLED». We will remind, QLED — the development of liquid crystal technology in which to improve the images used the quantum dot. In the case of new Samsung TVs used the material of the quantum dots-based metal.

Describing the new TVs, Samsung notes the coverage of the color space DCI-P3, and the ability to display any color with a brightness of 100%. The peak brightness of the screens QLED reaching 1500-2000 CD/m2 allows you to display far more gradations than usual.

Other innovations relate to the smart TV features, including the ability to control most devices connected to the TV using one remote. To connect is the one with «invisible» transparent cable. The manufacturer offers a variety of installation options, including wall mounting without a gap between the wall and the TV, and stands two types.

Source: Samsung Electronics



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