Samsung tops the market of home appliances USA for the sixth consecutive quarter

Samsung Electronics in the third quarter of this year once again become the largest player in the market of domestic equipment in the United States, and the South Korean giant is a leader in the respective rankings for the sixth consecutive quarter.

According to research firm Traqline, Samsung Electronics in the third quarter belonged to 19.3% of the U.S. market of household appliances. If we evaluate the sales for the first three quarters of the total, the share of Samsung is 18.9%.

A year earlier in the third quarter of 2016, Samsung Electronics took 16.8 per cent and for the entire 2016 calendar year, the company reached 17.3 percent of the U.S. market.

The most popular in the U.S. use the refrigerators and washing machine Samsung. In the segment of premium refrigerators in the third quarter, Samsung took 22.1 percent of the market.

Washing machine Samsung took 20% of the relevant market segment, despite pressure from the international trade Commission of the United States.



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