Samsung takes up over a third of the market of NAND flash memory

TrendForce analysts estimated the market for NAND flash in the fourth quarter of last year and came to the conclusion that in that period, this segment experienced a strong shortage of products for all of 2016.

This has led to an increase in average sales prices, which in turn contributed to the growth of the market in monetary terms by 17.8% compared to the previous quarter. The overall market for the quarter estimated by analysts at $ 12 billion.

The market leader remains Samsung, which managed to gain 4.47 billion dollars, increasing the rate of 19.5%. In the end, the company took 37,1% of the market. Toshiba, which boosted sales, only 8.5% took 18.3% of the market, raising $ 2.2 billion.

Western Digital ranks third with a share of 17.7%. The company received revenue in the amount of 2.13 billion dollars, increasing the figure to 22%. Dell has increased its revenue by 26.9%, to 1.27 billion dollars, taking thus 10.6% of the market. Next is SK Hynix (1.16 billion dollars, an increase of 9%, and 9.6% market share) and Intel (816 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 25.7% and 6.8% market share).

Analysts say that prices for this type of product will continue to grow in the current quarter due to the uncertain situation related to the industry’s transition to memory 3D NAND. But the demand compared with the previous quarter decreased, so that the income of producers will increase, not so much.


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