Samsung spends on research and development is almost 4 times more than LG

Samsung Electronics last year have allocated for your Department research and development 13.2 billion dollars, that is about 7.3% of its annual turnover.

This is slightly less than was spent in the 2015 and 2014 — and 13,27 13,69 billion, respectively. In 2011 spent on research and development Samsung amount for the first time exceeded 10 trillion won (8.93 billion U.S. dollars).

Thus the increase in production capacity the South Korean manufacturer in the past year spent 22,78 billion.

Competitor in the face of LG Electronics in the past year allocated 3,47 billion dollars on research and development, which amounted to 7% of the annual turnover of the company, and in 2015 amounted to 3.4 billion dollars. Since 2011 the cost of LG on this area increased by 44%.

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