Samsung smartphone caught fire on Board an Indian plane in flight

Smartphone produced by Samsung Electronics almost caused a fire aboard the Indian company IndiGo EN route from Singapore to Chennai. Passengers noticed the smoke seeping from the rear of the box, and reported it to the crew. Source of smoke and sparks appeared smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

What did the crew is unknown, but the flight ended fine, no injuries. Damage to the aircraft wasn’t done. Information about the incident was confirmed by the company InterGlobe Aviation, which owns IndiGo, and Indian service, ensuring the safety of air traffic. The latter, incidentally, intends to send a Directive to the airlines to recommend passengers not to turn on the Samsung Note during the flight, and to avoid the passage of smart phones in airplanes.

Samsung Note 2 was introduced in 2012. For all the time since the beginning of the issue, he never appeared in the reports about any anomalies or incidents.

Sources: Reuters, NDTV



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