Samsung SM-G9600, equipped with SoC Snapdragon processor 840 may be a younger version of the Galaxy S8

In the database of the test package Geekbench smartphone appeared with a model number Samsung SM-G9600, under which may lurk the Galaxy S8 S8 Lite or Mini, according to insiders.

The device is remarkable in that it has a new mobile platform Snapdragon processor 840, which has four cores and can be an improved version of last year’s flagship SoC, the Snapdragon 820.

The smartphone is equipped with 4 GB of RAM, Snapdragon SoC 840 operates at a frequency of 1.77 GHz, the operating system is Android 7.1.2 Nougat. In a single-threaded test, the device scored 1782 points in a multi-threaded result amounted to 4212 points.

I should add that Galaxy S8 was held under the model number SM-G950 or SM-G9500 (in China). It is obvious that under the name Samsung SM-G9600 with such test results cannot hide Galaxy S9. This is probably a more affordable version of Galaxy S8, which, as rumor has it, was canceled.



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