Samsung showed the farm for Bitcoin mining, consisting of 40 Galaxy S5

The smartphone market is developing rapidly. Models that are only three or four years ago were the flagships today on the secondary market are sold for pennies. Such devices it is possible to use, but one of the problems is the lack of operating system updates.

Samsung has offered a very original ways to use not very old, but already outdated morally, smartphones.

The most interesting — farm for Bitcoin mining! Used 40 Samsung Galaxy S5, installed with a special station.

The company claims to use for this purpose, smartphones are even more profitable than PC. As proof, here is a comparison with Intel Core CPU i7-2600. According to estimates Samsung’s eight smartphones Galaxy S5 have approximately the same performance (about 20,000 khash/sec) as the processor. This power one smartphone almost 24 times lower than that of the CPU. This Samsung makes the conclusion that energy efficient Bitcoin mining smartphone is three times higher than the above processor. It should be noted that smartphones in this farm was running some special OS developed by Samsung specifically for mining Bitcoin. Probably talking about some variation of Linux.

In addition to this idea shown by Samsung and others. For example, Galaxy S3 turned into a surveillance camera with face detection function.

The same smartphone on the other the stand served as an information Board for displaying data on the state of water in the aquarium.

These are all projects of the laboratory of Samsung C-Lab, created as part of the Upcycling initiative whose main idea is to find use of obsolete smartphones.



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