Samsung SDI showed a new battery for electric cars at the Frankfurt Motor Show exhibition 2017

At the Frankfurt motor show 2017 (Frankfurt Motor Show 2017) anocracy, Samsung SDI demonstrated a new multi-purpose batteries that will provide electric cars increased range of stroke.

Premium electric vehicles, equipped with 20 such modules, will be able to pass on a single charge up to 700 km, and Simple electric vehicles that will receive 10-12 modules will be characterized by a range of travel about 300 km, the car Manufacturers can produce their cars in various price categories, changing not only the equipment, but the number of modules that define the range of stroke.

In addition, the new battery cell Samsung SDI occupy 20% less space in height than competing solutions. This will allow manufacturers more flexibility to design their machines, allocating less space for batteries.

During the exhibition, Samsung SDI will also show a new cylindrical battery size 21700, which is 50% greater in capacity of batteries size 18650.



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