Samsung reports into production on 28-nm FD-SOI industry’s first chip eMRAM

Samsung Electronics has published a report, indicating the leadership of the South Korean manufacturer in the development technology FD-SOI. The production transferred to the industry’s first chip eMRAM, designed for the production of 28-nm FD-SOI. Previously, the company Samsung introduced a comprehensive ecosystem of solutions to design products, designed for the production of this process, the designation 28FDS. Transfer the test chip in production not only confirms the readiness of the manufacturing technology for serial production — the manufacturer announced last year, but also shows the commitment of Samsung to technology development FD-SOI.

To the transfer of manufacturing technology FD-SOI is already prepared products to more than 40 customers. It is assumed that the addition of the ability to manufacture RF circuits and memory eMRAM using processes 28FDS and 18FDS will allow Samsung to attract more orders. Embedded non-volatile memory eMRAM is characterized by high performance, low power consumption and high reliability.



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