Samsung remotely will limit the charging capability of smartphones Galaxy Note7, that should fix the problem with the ignitions

The day before yesterday, the Network appeared rumors that Samsung may start to remotely disable smartphones Galaxy Note7 after September 30. But after a few hours the Korean giant has denied this information.

As it turns out, Samsung still can remotely attempt to contend with the new smartphones that will be useful for those who for some reason decided to leave my device in use.

The source says the company has already prepared the update, which will limit the battery charge at 60%. Ostensibly it is to prevent the occurrence of problems with batteries. Of course, it will have to pay substantial decrease in autonomy. In fact, such a measure is necessary not only for those who will not change a smartphone, but for all the others, who simply have not had time to take the unit in for service.

Anyway, Samsung insists on the necessity of replacing all Note7 in order to avoid tragic accidents.



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