Samsung regained the lead in the US smartphone market

Analysts Kantar Worldpanel ComTech say that Samsung has regained the lead in the US smartphone market according to the results of the three-month period ended in may.

The share of the company for the quarter increased from 32.9% to 36.2%. In fact, every third smartphone sold in the US in that period, had the logo of the Korean giant. However, in annual terms, this corresponds to a reduction of the share by 1.1 percentage point.

The company, located on the second place with a share of 34%, increased its share by 4.7 percentage points. Analysts say that to return the company’s leadership has helped Samsung new flagship smartphone, however, the impact of the launch of the new model was lower than expected.

This is confirmed by sales statistics. In the list of best-selling smartphones in the US over the period of Galaxy S7 ranked third, while the Galaxy S8 — fourth. First and second were traditionally for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. For comparison, a brand new LG G6 is only on the 13th position with a share of 1.3%.



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