Samsung published the report for the third quarter of 2017

Samsung has today published the report for the third quarter of 2017.

The reporting period brought the South Korean manufacturer of 55.4 billion dollars in revenue. It is 12.7 billion dollars more than a year ago. Operating profit for the quarter was a record high. It reached almost 13 billion dollars to 8.3 billion dollars more than a year ago.

The drafters of the report note that the growth is largely due to strong demand for memory chips DRAM and NAND. However, the increased sales of other chips, including image sensors.

At the same time, profit from the sale of displays have decreased, while the company increased its production of flexible OLED panels used in smartphones high end. This is due to costs for expansion of production and increasing competition.

Mobile division showed an increase of supply in terms of quantity, but a decrease in profit that the manufacturer explains the increase in the sales of smartphones share of the mass segment.

Indicators unit, which produces TVs, improved markedly compared to the previous quarter. However, due to the weakening demand on TVs to reach the indicators of the third quarter of last year failed. Tags:


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