Samsung plans to start selling smartphones with Tizen in all markets

Tizen operating system has gained a certain popularity only in the smartwatch market, beating even Android Wear. However, there are plans from Samsung to use Tizen for various household appliances.

According to the source, for these purposes, Samsung made Tizen RT (Real-Time). It’s an operating system for smart devices and robots based on Tizen 4.0. It is suitable for TVs, mobile devices and home appliances like smart thermostats, smart scales and so on.

As for Tizen 4.0, which was presented at the conference Tizen Developer Conference in 2017, there is almost no details are told.

But you can look at the new interface, which will appear in smartphones with Tizen in the near future.

Speaking of smartphones. Samsung promised to bring such devices to the global market. As you know, now with Tizen devices are sold mainly in India, though they can be found and in several countries. However, Samsung will fix this problem. As stated by the company, these smartphones will be available «in all countries of the world eventually».

As for India, there are models sold quite well. In 2016, the increasing sales of smartphones with Tizen was 30%, and in the current year and is expected to double growth.

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